Chris Gill

Music teacher, conductor and author


Chris has written and published several secondary school music textbooks, including Letís Get Musical (a complete course for Years 7-11), A Level Music Study Guide and Harmonising Bach Chorales. He has also edited 50 Traditional Hymns, 50 Traditional Christmas Carols and several other volumes of printed music. These books have collectively sold several thousand copies through booksellers worldwide, including Blackwell's Music (Oxford) and Amazon.

Let's Get Musical is a complete course of engaging, practical music lessons for secondary school (ages 11-16), including performing, composing and listening activities. Individual pupil workbooks are available for Years 7, 8 and 9, and a complete workbook for GCSE Music (Years 10-11). In addition, there is a Teacher's Guide for Years 7-9, containing over 200 pages of lesson plans, mark schemes and other resources.